Reduce or offset your energy consumption
Save money and get rebates

Our goal is simple

Actual Energy Solutions was created from the pain that Ontario companies faced over their energy bills and the changing face of the Ontario electricity market. Our mission is to help businesses optimize their energy usage by reducing a building’s energy consumption. Our intimate knowledge of the energy market and strategic connections allow us to provide turnkey energy solutions to our clients.

The 2 major problems facing electricity consumers in Ontario are rising prices and reliability. Electricity prices have doubled over the last 10 years and will continue to increase. Customers with critical loads can experience major disruptions in operations, even a second of power loss can get in the way. As a result, property owners and operations are find it increasingly challenging to find the best solution to lower energy consumption.

Actual Energy Solutions offers projects that combat these issues.

1. Energy efficiency upgrades help reduce electricity cost.

2. Microgrid solutions stabilize power.

honesty and integrity

We are straight up with our clients and want them to get the most out of their project. We have found that the majority of our competitors don't give the correct data and information up front. We try to be as straight up as possible and maintain a good reputation by being honest and helpful.

We focus on commercial entities - the bigger the problem, the more impactful the solution. We go to a site, we assess it, and we find the best route to take for that commercial property, because every property is different. We try to guide our clients to the best possible route going forward that will benefit both them and the environment. We start off being consultants, and end up taking care of all their energy needs.